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The N.E.W. Program is the leading bariatric center in Orange County. Conveniently located in Newport Beach, it is operated by Dr Brian Quebbemann. The N.E.W. Program is his simple and comprehensive technique for permanent weight loss. The program begins with High Impact Weight Loss using either surgery or an aggressive medical weight loss intervention to achieve maximum weight loss, and is followed by Dr. Quebbemann’s published DietaryRebuild™ protocol to lock in lasting results.

With the metabolic changes involved with excess weight, an intensive weight loss intervention provides the most immediate results. For people that have significant obesity, Bariatric Surgery is the most effective way to lose excess weight and keep it off. It modifies the anatomy of the stomach changing hormones that cause hunger and it also modifies how you digest and absorb food. Through weight loss surgery, most patients experience less hunger and feel full with very small portions of food; the result is you absorb fewer calories from the food you do eat. For people that have less weight to lose, or who want to first use non-surgical weight loss, our N.E.W Fit Program uses an aggressive Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) that combines medical grade meal replacements with specific low-glycemic index whole foods, to achieve rapid weight loss.

To transition from aggressive weight loss to permanent weight control, the N.E.W. Fit Program and the Bariatric Surgery Program both utilize the DietaryRebuild™ protocol to establish a New Normal Diet that can work for years to come.

Weight loss surgery options at The N.E.W. Program include:

  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Scar-Less Gastric Sleeve
  • Gastric Bypass
  • The N.E.W. Fit Program (non-surgical)

Our goal is to help our patients permanently lose their unwanted excess weight and transition to a healthy eating pattern that they enjoy that will not cause weight regain. We work with our patients to help them achieve their fitness goals and be able to self-maintain their Best Weight permanently.

Dr Quebbemann – Your Bariatric Doctor

Top bariatric doctor Dr Brian Quebbemann provides a holistic approach to weight loss surgery in Orange County. Highly respected in his field, Dr. Quebbemann’s career spans more than twenty five years and his practice in Newport Beach was established in 1997. There is no more renowned bariatric surgeon in the USA and his innovative, minimally invasive laparoscopic weight loss surgery techniques have helped thousands of patients change their lives for the better.

Dr Quebbemann’s weight loss solutions are complete and comprehensive. He is dedicated to his patients and their ongoing success.

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