"Scar-Less" Weight Loss Surgery

The Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (also called Sleeve or Gastric Sleeve) is one of the most successful surgical options for weight loss. Using his novel “Scar-Less” technique, Dr. Quebbemann makes one incision hidden in your belly button instead of making 5 larger incisions (1-to-3 cm) as needed for standard laparoscopic surgery. When the procedure is completed, there is almost no visible scar, or virtually “scarless” weight loss surgery.

Dr. Quebbemann was the first surgeon in the world to successfully perform a single-incision gastric sleeve using the SPIDER® Surgical System.

See his explanation on The Doctors television show


The Spider System is no longer available and he currently uses the GelPOINT® system to provide a similar Scar-Less weight loss procedure.

How the “Scarless” Procedure Works

A small incision must first be made through the belly button. The GelPOINT device is then inserted and Dr. Quebbemann performs the procedure. If additional surgical instruments are needed, micro-incisions (similar to the incisions used for liposuction) are used.

When the operation is completed, the micro-incisions are simply sealed with glue and the belly button incision is closed using absorbable stitches, leaving practically no visible scars behind.

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